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Dharam Dev

Dharam Dev Kaur Khalsa is a licensed Marriage, Family and Child Counselor practicing in Beverly Hills for over 32 years. She is a co-founder, Lead Teacher Trainer, and Director of Teacher Trainings at Kundalini Yoga by the Sea in Santa Monica.  She facilitates both Level One and Level Two Teacher Training courses with her husband, Siri Marka. Incorporating the best of eastern and western modalities, she facilitates her students in expanding their consciousness and realizing their highest potential. With a heart forever young, she relates to the new generation of truth seekers and expresses the deepest wisdom of Master Teacher’s Teachings in the simplest language. Through compassion and humor, she delivers the ancient technology of Kundalini Yoga in a friendly and joyous manner. Presently she runs ongoing groups on various topics such as “Grieve with Grace,” “What Sparks Joy,” and “Sacred Secrets of Success.” 


Siri Marka Khalsa

Inspired to serve and learn from his teacher, Yogi Bhajan, Siri Marka taught his first Kundalini Yoga class over 45 years ago.

With a smile and a grace he delivers vigorous and heart opening yoga kriyas and meditations from Yogi Bhajan’s original weekly classes. Siri Marka is known to speak with joy and from the heart. As a KRI certified Lead Trainer for Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainings he  is the host of many trainings every year, from here in Santa Monica, Eagle Rock, the South Bay and Latin America to share the teachings. He has been featured several times on Univision sharing the benefits of KY with farmworkers to business people.


When he is not teaching, he keeps fit by running the L.A. Marathon, which he has done for the last 17 years. You can also see him as a Yogic Coach and Counselor in his Beverly Hills office. With love, humor and a dose of truth, Siri Marka will help propel you the next level in your spiritual evolution.

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Nam Kaur


Dr. Siri Atma Singh Khalsa

Siri Atma Singh Khalsa, M.D was trained by Yogi Bhajan and was blessed to serve as his personal physician for eight years. Yogi Bhajan called him a medical intuitive and a pure healer, which aptly describe his ability to tune into what people need at a very deep level in order to heal.

Nam Kaur had the rare experience of being both a student and employee of Yogi Bhajan. She’ll share her stories about working alongside the Master of Kundalini Yoga to create the International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association (IKYTA) and to produce KRI’s Level 1 Teacher Training textbook, The Aquarian Teacher. You'll get to listen in on Nam Kaur’s recorded work meetings with Yogi Bhajan to get a first-hand glimpse of their unique

student-teacher relationship!


Siri Simran Kaur

Siri Simran Kaur is a yogi, healer and teacher of meditation and healing in the ancient healing traditions of Kundalini

Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan.For more than 15 years 

Siri Simran has studied Sat Nam Rasayan under the direct tutelage of Guru Dev Singh, the master of this ancient 

healing art. She holds a Level 3 Entrance certification in 

Sat Nam Rasayan and is a certified instructor. She was 

also certified in Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan personally.


Dr. Alan Weiss

Dr. Alan Weiss was an early students of Yogi Bhajan, and started teaching Kundalini Yoga as a teenager. He subsequently became a physician and surgeon. He travelled throughout the United States and the world with Ypgi Bhajan as he spread the teachings and the Dharma.. He enjoys sharing what he has learned of medicine and yoga, in practical, everyday language. 


Guru Amrit Hari

With great Joy and Enthusiasm we Welcome Guru Amrit Hari Kaur to our team of trainers in our Level 1 Teacher Training at KYBTS. She is a 3rd generation Kundalini Yogini who has lived and breathed this lifestyle since the beginning. She has spent over half of her young life in India attending Miri Piri Academy (the school established by Yogi Bhajan) and then being hired as a staff member and teacher there for 6 years.
We are so grateful to have this young woman with grace and grit on board with us.