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Siri Marka Singh Khalsa

Lead Trainer

Siri Marka is a Life coach and a Kundalini Yogi.  He specializes in the "Art of Living, Loving and Being Happy."  For over 4 decades, he has helped people to better their lives with his yogic knowledge.  


Siri Marka serves as a Heart Compass, a catalyst that opens the heart of a person and directs them to their soul.  Clients can simultaneously connect with their innocence and realize their life purpose.  


He coaches people from all walks of life, from physicians to farm workers, from artists to businessmen.  With Siri Marka, anyone can learn the tools of transformation.  The dormant potential to live happy and fulfilled will be awakened.


  • "I am so happy that I came to see you.  Your advice to speak from my HEART instead of my MIND and release judgment and criticism of myself and others was so valuable.  I find people to be much more receptive and understanding of my thoughts and feelings this way."

          -- Thank you, NK

  • "He challenges you to honor yourself while simultaneously humbling yourself.  Gives you the tools to live a life full of more love, gratitude and compassion."

          -- MT

  • "Siri Marka operates from a place of simple and profound truth, which can be pretty intense.  However, he has a great sense of humor and is very sweet and charming in his delivery of the heavy subject matter.  What I like best about my interaction with him is his willingness to partner with me in finding solutions to the challenges we all inevitably encounter in life."

          -- AS

  • "My spiritual journey has advanced by leaps and bounds by Siri Marka's teaching.  He truly is gifted with a sixth sense and speaks to my Soul.  Every time I meet with him he provides me with insight, tools and spiritual education for what, unbeknownst to me, is about to become a current event in my life.  He is amazing and I feel empowered as a spiritual leader and teacher because of his teachings.  So grateful, and highly recommended."

          -- SP

  • "You are quire good at helping people to live their Soul's purpose . . ."

          -- LN

  • "I met Siri Marka when I was at the most transitional time of my life.  After a year of working with him, I am not only able to love myself and to love my life at every moment, I am able to give love to all around me.  To say the least, I was given a new chance, new life, new sense of being - maybe simply, a NEW HEART."

          -- or