Full moon Circle

Join us

For a Full Moon

chakra cleansing & healing

Friday, April 19th 7:30pm-9:30pm

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The Reiki Circle will start with some warms ups, light yoga movements and stretching. After tapping into the reiki energies we will begin the seated meditation chakra cleansing.
Karina will guide you through all 7 chakras and you will bring your cupped, reiki attuned hands through all the energy centers of the body cleansing and reactivating your inner strengths.
Then we will recline comfortably on yoga mats, with pillows and blankets (provided by the studio or bring your own). The Reiki masters will perform a Reiki treatment on each of the participants.
After the long relaxation, Karina will guide the circle into the prayer of light which is the final blessing.
The evening will end with warm tea and treats.


Reiki does what it needs to do