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Dharam Dev Kaur Khalsa, MFT, LPCC

With gratitude and great enthusiasm I offer you counseling services developed over the past32 years.  This combination of Eastern and Western technology is dedicated to maximize your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  You will have access to "Tools and Rules for Elevated Living" that you can proactively incorporate into your daily life to overcome internal and external adversity.  We are all entitled to happiness and fulfillment in life.  Therapy can provide an education to tap into strength, endurance and other resources that you may never though you had.  

Whether you are seeking counseling as an individual, couple, family or for your child, in therapy we can work together to maximize your potential.

I look forward to working with you in your quest for a happier and more successful life.

I am available to answer any questions, either by telephone or in my office.

Peace, prosperity and fulfillment to you and yours.


  • After my father died, I went to see Dharam Dev and she helped me through this painful transition.  I was able to move through my anger, sadness and feelings of helplessness.  She had such a compassionate ear and I was able to find peace in his passing."

          -- JT

  • "I used to have uncontrolled outbursts of anger.  I didn't know what was behind them.  Dharam Dev was able to assist me in identifying the source.  Now I am able to catch my anger as it starts to arise, find the triggers and calm myself down before my anger gets destructive.  I have found ways to soothe the pain and frustration underneath that drove my out of control behavior."

          -- SK

  • "I learned the Emotional Freedom Technique after my children left home.  I was having trouble feeling good about myself with my care taking role changing.  Through my work with Dharam Dev I was able to find my core and make new decisions based on what I know deep in my heart is best.  t is as though I feel I have found my true self for the very first time.  I found clarity and wisdom in her presence and I have come to identify what is really meaningful in my life."

          -- NF​​